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Artisan Vehicle Systems launches the 153 at Sudbury’s Science North, home of the Nickel Capital of the World.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Monday night, in the heart of the Sudbury basin, Artisan hosted an invitation only event for the unveiling of its cutting edge zero emissions 153 3 tonne loader before its all-important ramp test at Vale Tuesday (which the 153 passed successfully on all criteria) before the delivery to Kirkland Lake Gold.  Leaders throughout the mining industry representing a dozen mining companies joined Artisan to discuss not only the 153, but also what conversion to battery powered vehicles means to the underground mining industry.

“We all know the impact that this technology is having on the industry and we need to get smart about it quickly.  Artisan is known as the leader and we are here to see their new machine and to ask questions about the implementation of battery technology at our mine site” said Dick DeStefano, Director of SAMSSA.

In addition to mining executives and government representatives (including Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger), the latest buyer of two 153’s was also present. “We at KL Gold are proud of our leadership in the transformation to battery power and our long standing strategic partnership with Artisan” said John Labine, KL Gold’s procurement manager. “153 testing is showing strong results and we are anxious to get our units into full time production use to prove their value over diesel in our Macassa operation.”

The event was held in Sudbury at Science North.  A fitting location for a discussion about innovation.  “Sudbury is well known for leading edge technology, innovation, and creativity throughout the world.” said Artisan’s Mike Mayhew. “We are proud of our new machine and honored to introduce it to so many respected and experienced mining professionals.”  In addition to Mike Mayhew, Mike Kasaba (Artisan’s CEO) and Brian Huff (CTO) were in attendance and talked about the company’s vision and its approach to the market.  “My goal this evening is to listen” said Mike Kasaba.  “The collective experience in this room tonight is overwhelming and priceless. We can learn so much about how to improve mining operations from this amazing group of people. I can’t wait to incorporate many of their ideas into our current and future products.”

Artisan has designed the 153 around its cutting edge electric powertrain, battery, and advanced operator control system.  The 153, with its streamlined modernized design, is smaller in all dimensions than a comparable diesel loader, but has 300% of the power.  It loads quicker, hauls up steep grades faster, and is more precise and responsive to operator commands. Operators prefer our battery powered units over diesel because of their higher productivity, more tons moved per shift, zero diesel emissions, extremely low heat, and quiet operation.  Moreover, the total cost of ownership is comparable, and in many cases lower, than diesel.

Based in California, the heart of electric vehicle technology, Artisan Vehicle Systems Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of zero emissions battery powered mining vehicles.  Its core technology is its proprietary battery packs, electric motors, power electronics, software and control systems.  Artisan’s underground mining machines are designed from the ground up around high powered, highly reliable, field proven battery electric powertrains.