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Artisan Vehicles plans to build its Center of Excellence
in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

October 31, 2017; Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada:

Kirkland Lake was built by dreamers. Dreamers that prospected relentlessly for that one big discovery. Those dreams came true back in 1906 when these salty pioneers discovered a massive gold deposit in this northern frontier. Their persistence and hard work built a strong community and generated prosperity for thousands of families.

Fast forward to 2005; Kirkland Lake was rejuvenated when KL Gold Macassa discovered the South Mine Complex, one of the richest gold reserves in the world. Thanks to this amazing new discovery, the community of Kirkland Lake is thriving again and estimates suggest that this reserve could last for 15 years. But this time, there is another discovery to celebrate. One that strongly complements Kirkland Lake’s traditional economic driver.

For 100 years, Kirkland Lake has been known as a small mining town. Today, it is recognized world-wide as the birthplace of battery powered hard rock mining vehicles and for the imminent demise of poisonous diesel emissions in underground mines.

Artisan Vehicles, the company that first deployed battery powertrains at KL Gold’s Macassa Mine, is making a long term commitment to stay and grow in Kirkland Lake. Artisan intends to advance its technology and to build its vehicles right here, where this inspiring phenomenon began.

“We are honoured that Artisan Vehicles has selected Kirkland Lake for its Canadian operations.” said Peter C. Avgoustis, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Kirkland Lake. “Battery technology has made Kirkland Lake a name that is recognized around the world. This is an extraordinary moment for our community and we are all committed to supporting Artisan as they continue to lead this important industry transformation.”

In addition, Mayor Tony Antoniazzi said “I’m excited to welcome Artisan Vehicles to Kirkland Lake. This is a dynamic and progressive company that represents the future of mining – clean, green and safe.”

Artisan is designing a world-class Center of Excellence for battery powered mining vehicles to be built in Kirkland Lake. Onsite planning and deployment has already begun at Artisan’s temporary facility located on Burnside Dr.

“We refuse to stake our future on convenience and conventional thinking.” said Mike Kasaba, CEO of Artisan Vehicles. “We believe in this community in the same way that they believe in us and our mission. We are here to stay and we will grow alongside the community that has stood by our side from the beginning.”

Possible Design for Artisan’s Center of Excellence
Based in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada


“We are extremely excited to be part of Kirkland Lake’s future. We believe that being part of this community and being close to our customers is critical for achieving zero emissions underground.” said Mike Mayhew, Artisan’s Director of Mining.

With headquarters in California, the heart of electric vehicle technology, Artisan Vehicles is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of zero emission battery powered mining vehicles. Artisan’s underground mining loaders and haul trucks are designed from the ground up to include the best thinking in vehicle engineering and to maximize the performance of its high powered, highly reliable, field proven battery electric powertrains.

For further information please contact:

Mike Mayhew

Director, Mining

(705) 923-6298