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Artisan Vehicle Systems was invited to present battery technology at the 2015 Mining Diesel Emissions Council, (MDEC) conference in Toronto on October 7th. The conference highlights the latest attempts in the constant struggle to reduce diesel emissions underground that cause exorbitant costs for ventilation and, more importantly, harmful effects on human health.

Mike Kasaba, CEO of Artisan Vehicle Systems addressed the MDEC conference with a thought provoking, no holding back statement that, by 2020, all new equipment purchases for underground will be zero emission and that diesel equipment will be progressively phased out of underground operations. Battery powered drive trains have been proven in field for over 4 years with more than 100,000 real production hours. This technology is included in all new development and expansion planning activities. It is on track to quickly dominate the industry.

Battery technology has proven to be reliable in the severe environment of underground mining. It is here NOW and available for integration into all OEM vehicle platforms. New build and remanufactured equipment is available today for mining companies to reduce costs and drastically improve their underground working environments. Artisan has the real-world experience and modelling tools to assist engineering firms, ventilation experts and mining companies plan out this unique transformation.
Call Artisan now for more information about this important industry transformation or call your preferred Equipment Providers to find out how they are participating in Artisan’s common battery platform program.

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