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Venting out the heat and toxic fumes generated by your diesel equipment is costing you a fortune. Switching your fleet to all-electric will provide a safer working environment while cutting ventilation costs and increasing production.

Our zero-emission battery electric vehicles generate ⅛ the heat of their diesel counterpart. Additionally, they offer more power and productivity in a compact design.

Ventilation reductions are primarily due to the elimination of DPM emissions. After DPM is eliminated, heat, dust and blast gas evacuation set the new requirements for ventilation. Less heat and increased machine power means lower OpEx and increased production for the mine’s bottom line. The implementation of a battery electric fleet can reduce the overall ventilation requirements by 30-50% with lower associated energy costs to operate fans and cooling plants.

The reduction in flow requirement can actually reduce air heating costs in winter as well as cooling plant costs in summer due to the lower volume of air. It takes less energy to heat OR cool lower volumes of air. Blast gases and dust control are a function of flow velocity, and thus are affected by drift size as well as volume of air. Electric machines also kick up much less dust because they don’t have an exhaust pipe that produces a high velocity jet directed at either floors or walls.

Reduced ventilation flow decreases fan power requirements by more than that proportion. Fan power increases with the square of the flow requirement due to fluid flow physics. That means ½ the flow requires ¼ the fan power.

All of this adds up to a safer, more efficient and productive mine.