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The high cost of diesel fuel, coupled with the push to design more environmentally friendly vehicles, has fueled the quest for companies to develop trucks with alternative energy options.

Artisan Vehicle Systems has designed a system that replaces diesel fuel with a series of specially designed battery cell, using a Capstone microturbine, and is designed to send energy directly to the stock transmission. The system is said to provide the same level of performance of a standard diesel system but with zero emissions.

“Artisan provides end to end zero emission powertrain solutions. Our systems include heavy duty vehicle powertrains, battery packs, master vehicle controls, high powered chargers, and maintenance systems. Designed for large industrial heavy duty applications and built for the harshest environments on earth, our products are tough, reliable, field proven, and certified.”


According to the Artisan website, “The Artisan Powertrain2400 is designed to be a direct replacement for the conventional diesel powertrain commonly found in a Class 8 truck. Designed to bolt directly to the stock transmission, the 2400 enables the same vehicle performance as a stock diesel engine, but produces ZERO emissions. The 2400 is mobile hardened and rated for service in some of the harshest conditions on earth.”

Integrates to Artisan’s Powertrain Control Module to run all on-board systems.