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When you choose a battery to power your equipment there are many chemistry choices, each with pros and cons. Your choice of battery is going to depend on your priorities… For Artisan, safety comes first.

From the available chemistries, we chose Lithium iron phosphate because it’s the safest. Abuse in the underground environment is inevitable and equipment is expected to perform even in extremely harsh conditions and above all, not endanger a mine’s most valuable asset, its workers.

LiFePO4 will withstand overcharge, mechanical shock and vibration, external short-circuit, crushing, penetration and internal short circuit without starting a fire.

Companies are fond of saying that their BMS prevents unsafe conditions from initiating a battery fire, but they don’t have direct control over dendrite formation that causes internal short circuits. An internal short at some point in a battery fleet is inevitable and taking risks with the safety of workers in the mining environment is not acceptable. Chemistry that still has a risk of starting a fire is not ok.

In addition to excellent safety, our LifePO4 batteries have:

• Good cycle life
• Good power density
• Good energy density
• Low cost
• No Cobalt
• Low environmental impact

When safety is your first priority, there is no other choice for high capacity mining battery systems.